Mr. Everett Osceola

Cultural Ambassador

Seminole Tribe of Florida

Everett Osceola is a tribal member of the Seminole tribe of Fl. Born and raised in Hollywood, FL. Mr. Osceola has an Associate’s Degree in Psychology and has worked for various departments within the Seminole Tribe of Florida including Seminole Broadcasting and Gaming/Casino. He most recently was an educator, presenter, and historian with the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Seminole Museum.

In 2014, Everett was appointed Cultural Ambassador for the Seminole Tribe of Florida by Chief James E. Billie. In this position, Mr. Osceola will help to protect the integrity of the tribe while sharing the beauty and history of the people. He is recognized internationally as an expert on Seminole Tribal culture and has spoken across the United States, in Germany, New Zealand, and China. 

Mr. Osceola was featured on the National Geographic television show “Swamp Men” and countless Documentaries and Short Films. He also has served as a technical consultant and producer on many independent films and his passion for Cinema/Film led him to create the Native Reel Cinema Festival, the only Native American film festival in the South Florida.

Mr. Osceola is a member of the Stranahan House, the oldest house in Fort Lauderdale, Board of Directors and has helped to create, evaluate, and present all museum programs focused on indigenous people.

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